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REF: batten1
Solid oak wook batten
REF: batten1
Solid oak wook batten

Rectangular solid wood batten. This solid wood strip is typically used as spacer to raise the surface of a material, or as a secondary framework onto which a surface may be fixed.

PEFC / FSC certified, which guarantees that the wood comes from a forest managed in accordance with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.

We can manufacture all the products to measure and in any other type of wood upon request.

T91313 mm09 mm
T92727 mm09 mm
T132727 mm13 mm
T182727 mm18 mm
T183434 mm18 mm
T212727 mm21 mm
T213434 mm21 mm
T215757 mm21 mm
T274444 mm27 mm
T234545 mm23 mm
T456767 mm45 mm

Do you need any another section? We can make it for you!

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