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With a multitude of options available in the marketplace, we work closely with you

to decide on the most suitable products for you construction or renovation projects.

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Certificados de Calidad TopWood

FSC® y PEFC Certificates

FSC® and PEFC certificates, placed on a wood-based product, give them the guarantee that the product they are buying comes from responsible sources.

Environmental Commitment

At L & J TopWood we are committed to the Environment. Deforestation and poor management of natural resources annually destroy nearly 13 million hectares of forests in the world of the 4 billion that currently exist.

Forests are the heart of our planet and a great biodiversity reserve, as they play a major role as regulators of CO2 emissions, favoring climate change control.

Allowing people to live on forest products without jeopardizing their survival has become an indispensable fact.

By purchasing your products at L & J TopWood, you are involved in the important management of maintaining forest sustainability.

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