Wood for oenology

Wood for oenology

Alternative system to aging in barrel

The species of oak traditionally considered in the cooper industry, belong mainly to the group of white oaks coming from the forests of France.

 Due to the complexity of the choice and management of the barrel to age the wines in order to obtain a high quality product, we find the use of systems that bring the wood to the wine.

They are different products derived from the oak to apply wood to the wines without needing to use barrels to enter in the deposit, we can find the calls STAVES or STICK.

 In short, these are new techniques that shorten the time of stay in contact of wine with wood (with the consequent economic saving).

 Our standard measures are:

  • French Oak Staves  910x50x7 mm  
  • French Oak Staves 960x47x7mm
  • French Oak Sticks  900x22x22 mm
  • French Oak Mini Sticks  300x22x22

We can manufacture any other measurement on request.