Wooden frieze



Coated exterior facades:

It is very important to choose the right kind, the treatment and the most suitable constructive form when we are going to cover our façade in the exterior.

Our recommended and most used woods to cover facades, are the iroko, the maple or the Ipe. However, if you want to give a more rustic image the best option is the pine treated in autoclave, since this type of wood has a knotty appearance.

Our recommendation is that we must protect the wood with an appropriate treatment, protecting it from moisture and solar rays. To avoid changes in size and risk of wood movement once installed, it must be taken into account that the recommended humidity for these pieces is between 8% and 12%.



Interior wallcovering:

For the decoration of our interior walls, we use tongue-and-groove frieze.

They are installed through the system of trackers. That is to say, the wooden slats placed horizontally or vertically are bolted to transverse slats previously fixed.

And these slats are joined together by means of a tongue and groove system.

An infinite number of models of friezes and different widths are available, so you have the option of being able to leave more or less separation between them.

Posibilidad de fabricar todas las dimensiones bajo demanda